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"Beyond My Front Door" - How To Approach A Creative Writing Prompt

This year's new and improved Bury Lit Fest Creative Writing Competition will welcome all forms of creative writing be it short story, micro fiction, play, haiku, poem, tv script, a song, a rap or radio play! ​Entries must be 800 words or less and inspired by the phrase ‘Beyond My Front Door’. Other than that, they are limited only by the author’s imagination.

What does the phrase Beyond My Front Door make you think of?

Maybe it makes you think about your favourite walk around the village, or the route to school or work? Maybe it makes you think of the difficulties others go through, compared to the safety you have at home? Or maybe out there, beyond your front door is where you’d like to be?

Maybe it makes you think about what is inside your home? The safety of being with loved ones, relaxing with a book, the smells of home cooking wafting around you. Or maybe the idea of returning home isn’t so nice?

Maybe you saw something happening outside your home while you were inside. Maybe something fantastical happened to you on your way home. Or maybe, what’s beyond another’s front door - in a future time, or place - is rather scary or strange…

Let your imagination roam free and write a story or a play or a poem or a song about what lies beyond your (or a character’s!) front door - the only limit is your imagination (and the 800 word count limit!)

Some things to bear in mind when approaching creative writing:

Who is speaking? Whether you are writing a story, a journal a play or a poem, telling a story from a specific perspective can give a story its own special feeling whether they be human, animal, plant or mineral! Maybe it’s you, telling us how you feel. Maybe it's an animal - a pet or a wild one - longing for the outdoors. Maybe it's a character from another place or time who is scared to go beyond their front door.

And how do you/that character feel about it? Does it fill you/them with excitement, worry, dread or joy? 

What is around you? Describing your environment using all of your senses can make for an immersive piece of creative writing.

What, if anything happens? People say that very story (and even a song is a sort of story) needs a beginning, a middle and an end but they don’t necessarily need to come in that order…

We are so excited to read all of the entries to this year’s creative writing competition - let your imagination run free - you never know what might lie beyond your front door!

(Under 18’s will need a parent/guardian or responsible adult to enter for them)

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