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Meet the Author: 5 minutes with Ashley Hickson-Lovence

Book lovers, writers, and avid readers alike, get ready! The Bury St.Edmunds Literature Festival is back, celebrating books and writing in the heart of East Anglia. This year, the festival is scheduled for October 20th-22nd, 2023. We are thrilled to announce that one of the highlights of the festival will be an interactive session titled '5 minutes with Ashley Hickson-Lovence' on the 21st of October at 3 pm.

Ashley Hickson-Lovence, an acclaimed author known for his playful, and poetic writing style is set to grace the festival. The author has an intriguing line-up of books that he will be discussing at the festival including 'The 392', 'Your Show', and 'Wild East'. All these books are deeply rooted in lived experience and promise to captivate the audience with their powerful narratives.

Getting to Know Ashley Hickson-Lovence

So, who exactly is Ashley Hickson-Lovence, and what has shaped him into the author he is today? Growing up, his heroes were a mix of footballers and poets, including Andy Cole, Peter Schemiechel, Uriah Rennie, and Frank O'Hara. His interest in writing was sparked by his secondary school English teacher, Frank O'Hara's poetry, and football autobiographies. There is something fascinating about how these influences have shaped his unique writing style.

But there's more to Ashley Hickson-Lovence than his books and writing interests. Did you know that he loves pub quizzes, is a qualified football referee, and was even unexpectedly photographed at a music festival for GQ magazine a few years ago?

Looking Forward to Bury St.Edmunds Literature Festival

When asked about his expectations for the festival, Ashley mentioned that he's looking forward to the relaxed vibe of the Bury St.Edmunds Literature Festival, meeting potential new readers, and talking about books. He also expressed excitement about visiting Bury St Edmunds for the first time!

What's Ashley Reading?

For those curious about what's on Ashley's current reading list, or those looking for book recommendations, he suggests 'Open Throat' by Henry Hoke, 'So Late in the Day' by Claire Keegan, 'Youth' by Kevin Curran, and 'Shy' by Max Porter. It's always interesting to see what authors themselves are reading, and these recommendations could be a great addition to your own 'to read' pile!

Book Your Spot Now!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet Ashley Hickson-Lovence and join the celebration of books and writing at the Bury St.Edmunds Literature Festival.

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